Vickyy Kohhli’s Kahaniyaan now in top 5 Bollywood Songs

Vickyy Kohhli’s new hip-hop and rock inspired Bollywood music video ‘Kahaniyaan’ has been climbing social media like wild fire. It has not only entered ‘Top 5 bollywood songs of 2019’ on youtube but also has been trending on Instagram and facebook.

Bollywood singer in usa vickyy kohhli kahaniyaan top 5 bollywood song | #trendingvideo | viral
new song mujhe aajkal

Vickyy Kohhli Vicky Kohli kahaniyaan | #trendingvideo | Tope 5 bollywood songs | Instagram | Youtube | facebook

Trending Video #trendingvideo kahaniyaan

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Vicky Kohli kahaniyaan poster

Kahaniyaan Now in top 5 bollywood song and over 1 million viewskohh

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